To all Local 88 Members.

I have many, many dead ash trees in our forest at our farm. The vast majority are still standing. At some point, they will fall to the ground and eventually rot back into the soil. They are dry and ready to be burned this winter. They are not hurting anything, but if anyone wants free firewood, help yourself. We have had many 88 families out cutting wood, but we still have lots left. You will need to cut down the trees so make sure you know what your doing. All the wood is very close to the edge of the bush so you don’t need to drag any out. We just took our beans off so you can drive right out to the bush and load right beside where you cut the trees up, you don’t need to wait to trudge through the snow. We are located about 25 minutes north/east of the plant, 10 minutes north of Woodstock.

Please call before you come – feel free to take truckloads, or cut it up and sell it.

Again, it’s not hurting anything, but feel free to take the wood if you would like to.

Mike Van Boekel – Cell 519-608-4298