The company have notified us that the current layoffs will continue until sometime early in 2023.

Due to that, the month of December vacation calendar is now wide open.  Anyone wanting vacation or bank time in December will be automatically approved.  Please contact Kevin Harvey, ( to schedule time off.

If you already have vacation booked in December, you cannot move it out of announced layoff weeks.


The company is currently calling members whose Material Handling jobs have been reduced/moved.  We posted all the Brightdrop jobs in May/June with the plan that was in place to produce the Brightdrop trucks.  By posting the jobs it would give everyone the ability to know their shift and job which would enable us to book vacation as well.

As the Brightdrop progresses changes have been made.  Right now, due to the changes, some of the material jobs have been reduced/grandfathered to other teams.  We were able to keep everyone on their shift of record, however some members are being called about grandfathering to different teams as the work gets absorbed.


We are still trying to work out the 4% bonus.  The government is involved and that really drags out the process.  The main issue is we do not want the 4% paid out if everyone on layoff will have the money taken off their respective EI, SUB or IMP cheques.  This has been very frustrating and extremely slow to get information.  The company is refusing to pay anyone the 4% until this is worked out, so if you are currently active in the plant the 4% is being held until we get this worked out.


The new Brightdrop program is going to bring some changes to our testing needs.

Some of our training is mandated by the government.

With our past vehicles, isocyanate testing was mandated in certain areas due to the parts you worked with.  In the past, DG glass, repair, trades etc that worked in these areas had to do annual PFT testing, (Pulmonary Function Test).

This testing takes half an hour per person and mainly deals with an individual blowing into a tube a minimum of three times.

Government Health and Safety requirements state that this testing be done every 6 months for the first 2 years if you are new to projects that has isocyanides in the area. If your work area required ISO testing with the Equinox program you will only be required to be tested once per year.  Although our levels are well under the allowable guidelines, testing must still be completed by everyone in those areas.

With our new program, the areas now to be tested include trades in welding and assembly, all weld members, approx. 70 members per shift in assembly which includes the PSG.

Testing must be completed before you begin building parts, therefore upon your recall to work, the members in those areas will undergo a PFT test prior to working in your respective areas.   You could be put into other training while waiting for your turn to do the testing.  The health centre is capable of performing this test or you can see you own family Dr; however you would be responsible for any costs incurred if you go offsite.  The test results must be provided to our health centre prior to you returning to work.  If you insist on using your own family Dr, please contact the health centre prior to attending your appointment to make sure you have the proper paperwork.


The Union and Company continue to meet regarding the timelines for these layoffs.  Talks continue and we will update the members as new information is confirmed.  Currently the company has stated that the team leaders will be the first group of people brought back for training and no one will be recalled for the remainder of this year.


On behalf of the Inplant Committee, we hope you each have a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.