If you posted to the Battery Plant you will need to do an ISO test – these take about 15 minutes.
You are not required to complete this until you return to work, however if you’re bored or out for a drive the health centre now has the tests, and anyone can stop in Monday-Friday from 7:30-2:00 each day if you would like.

The C shift reductions are nearing completion.
We have had many questions on how this is done.

Here was the process:

  • Battery postings are now done, which helped create approximately 150 more holes on teams, which meant much less bumping.
  • Each team combines A, B and C shifts. If any team has greater than the staffing needed for 2 shifts, the juniors on that team are reduced.
  • If a junior person on a team that gets reduced has the seniority to remain in the department, they will bump the junior in the department.
    Those members bumped out of the department will take a canvas for any holes remaining in the plant.
  • We plan on posting the people required to pick a job and a list of all available jobs. We will then call those members and work our way down the list.
  • Postings will be going up shortly and this canvas may happen at the same time as the postings – so please know we will be trying to contact the people on the canvas list so these people could still post if they do not like where they end up.
  • The plant at this point should be pure in seniority by department and plant.
  • The next round of postings should go up as early as Friday (tomorrow) or early next week. These postings will be any battery jobs that were posted in error due to any issue, the next round of Woodstock jobs and any new jobs created, or holes created that need to be posted.