The company has put out a bulletin that production is going to be laid off for the entire month of July.  Some team members may be required to work and they will be notified.

Everyone can now apply for EI/SUB/IMP for the two weeks of shutdown.  Everyone will have their vacation time moved out of the two week summer shutdown period and put back into their vacation bank.  If you still want to use vacation during this time YOU MUST NOTIFY YOUR SUPERVISOR.

We are in talks with the company right now to try and stop the vacation payout for those that choose that option.  A vacation payout will not be beneficial to you during a layoff period as EI will allocated the monies and disqualify you from collecting EI/SUB/IMP the first two weeks.  We are asking that the paid vacation just be carried into the next vacation year.  If you still wish for your vacation to be paid out please call your Union Rep.

If you are planning on leaving the country you should use vacation time and not try to collect EI.

This is only for the 4 weeks in July. B shift is still scheduled to return July 31 2023

We are planning a video for June 28 – it will have many items on it to update members on what is going on at work.