Oshawa & Woodstock Update


Anyone wanting to preferential hire to Oshawa needs to decide very quickly.

  • Must be DC pension member – 9 years of seniority or less
  • The start date will be January 3
  • Your current wages, vacation entitlement, pension, etc continue
  • Oshawa run 3 shifts, straight nights and rotate days and afternoons
  • Remain at Oshawa until recalled back to CAMI


There will be no preferential hire opportunities to Woodstock

– i would like to thank Craig Warnoch, the Plant Chair at Woodstock for all his efforts to make this happen.  Craig and I are both extremely frustrated that this option did not work out despite all the meetings and plans that we were working on.   Craig actually worked at CAMI at one time, and it was great to see him working to try and help so many laid off brothers and sisters from our plant.

  • Woodstock will not move off their stance to only pay TPT wages
  • GM is telling us you must quit CAMI to work there, therefore giving up your recall rights to CAMI
  • We have informed them we are not interested in losing any members for TPT wages and losing their recall rights