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Overtime during the week of Oct. 5, 2020 (MSO and Banktime for Production Memo attached)

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Scheduled Overtime - Week of October 5


Monday – Thursday

“C” Shift – Midnights   8-10-10-10 hours/day

“A” Shift – Days          10-10-10-10 hours/day

Production members are permitted to bank their daily overtime for the week of Oct. 5, 2020. Additionally, production members are permitted to do MSOs of the overtime hours for that week.

In the unlikely event overtime is cancelled, you will be required for the hours you signed up to work through the MSO if your department is running.


  1. Midnight shift overtime is cancelled (5am-7am) and you (a midnight member) have signed up for an MSO of 2 hours of the Day shift.
    • you will still be required to work the first 2 hours of the Day shift as agreed 7am-9am)


  1. Someone has taken the first two hours (MSO) of your Day shift (7am-9am) and day shift overtime is cancelled (3pm-5pm)
    • this will result in your shift being 6 hours – with 2 hours as an unpaid LOA. (3pm-5pm)

** Please remember that if you are reporting to work outside your normal work hours, you must enter through security for the site entry process. **