GM have their annual workplace of choice survey out- it actually ends Wednesday, March 20 at midnight.
This survey is extremely important to GM – it is important enough that any supervisor will allow you to use the Kiosk’s in the plant and take 10 min’s and complete the survey.
GM is looking for feedback and it does pit plant vs plant is some areas of how we are measured. I am going to copy an update put out by an American plant chair, as GM will score each plant’s engagement percentage. This survey can only be completed by those members who are active at work.
Please take 10 minutes, trades and production, and please fill out this survey. It is a bargaining year and GM should know that we are engaged. Be honest and be open, they are looking for feedback.
I cannot stress enough that in a bargaining year, it will certainly help us to let GM know we are engaged and care about our jobs. Please take the time and fill out the survey. Your respective group leaders will ensure you have the time to do this.

Here is a copy of the report from the plant chair of the Tonawanda, New York, update to the membership.
“Starting this week through March 20th Tonawanda is participating in GM’s Workplace of Choice Survey. From my meetings with GM executives over the years, I have learned that these surveys are very important to the company to gauge the engagement of employees at the plants. I have been told repeatedly that high employee participation and employee engagement in these surveys is part of the decision-making process when work is awarded to plants. I am asking all active members to show GM how important these jobs are to us members and to our communities by participating in this survey. I would ask everyone to be open and honest about what they like and what suggestions you might have to make it better here at the plant.