Just a reminder to people who took the extended time off. If you post to a job while your off anywhere in the plant, the company has the right to call you back to work immediately.

The plant operates on a two-week rotation. By our contract the summer shutdown rotation freezes for two weeks. The Battery Plant is not going to have the traditional summer shutdown this year. In order to retain and follow the main plant two-week rotation, this will be the operating schedule around the Battery Plant this summer.
Week Jun 16 B shift days
Week Jun 23 B shift days
Week Jun 30 B shift days Battery only (4-day week due to Canada Day)
Week July 7 A shift days Battery only
Week July 14 A shift days
Week July 21 A shift days

Just a reminder that B shift reports week of April 1 – April 1 is Easter Monday so reporting day is Tuesday, April 2
Week of April 7, A shift begins two-week rotation.

The company is still sorting out the SG list and assigning shifts to all the SG – hopefully that list will be out next week.