The company has informed us that they will be doing a return to work with a skeleton crew from each department.  This is not a large number in total, however it is a start as we work towards the  full launch of our new truck.

The company would like to try and get the lines to move and shuttle parts through.

The work would begin October 31 and continue until Christmas.

They will begin calling people at home next week, and will be offering the option to work that entire period by seniority in each department.

If you have signed up for the ESA you will not be contacted.

Also, there will be some department specific training that is required to be completed.  This includes assembly, paint and welding.

Members from those departments will also be called to begin training in the next couple of weeks for training that is mandatory with the new vehicle.

On a side note, thank you to everyone for your patience with the 4% discussions.  We are very close to finalizing the process and should have a memo out by the end of next week.  When the government is involved, it never goes quickly.