The last canvas will take place Monday.
Once it is completed, we will post the work charts across the plant.
This should include every member working at CAMI, including those who did not have enough seniority for the final canvas, those junior members will be our new SG and will be split on A and B shifts.
We will also have new jobs posted next week – any new jobs created and those spots that remain empty, mainly team leaders vacancies. There are not a lot of postings as the bumping covered most of the holes the Battery Plant postings created but this will lead to some movement and more of the SG’s will eventually back fill the new holes created by these postings.
Some of the postings are plant wide – such as two battery postings (mix up with the initial battery postings) and some will be departmental to start with and then go plant wide for the secondary postings.
Just a reminder to all the sisters in the local, the Inplant Reps will be making breakfast for any of the sisters who attend the membership meeting tomorrow. Breakfast is from 9-10am.