We have all been waiting for the 70% SUB bump to take effect and dental benefits to kick back in.
It has now been a month and we are still waiting.
This morning we did have some explanations given to us.
Our own internal payroll department cannot fix this, it must come from the IT department at head office.
We keep being informed that they are working on it and it has been made clear that it is a priority.
The same is true for dental, apparently it must come from the IT department.
We will continue to push for the immediate need to get monies into our members hands and get the dental benefits started.
If you have used your dental and have been forced to pay, keep your receipts as you will be reimbursed.
The IT department have not given us a timeline as of yet, just that they continue to work on it.
I don’t think payroll or IT had any notion that the additional SUB and dental would ever get negotiated, so i do thank GM for understanding the hardship our members are facing, however it has been a month and our members need this fixed, NOW!!
We will continue to push from our end.

Mike Van Boekel