It has been brought to our attention that numerous people have requested paid vacation for the first two weeks of July.

At a meeting today we have found many members do not have the 72 hours of vacation time needed to cover the first two weeks of July.

If you did request both weeks paid and you only have enough hours for 1 week (32 hours needed as you would then collect July 1 Canada Day as well) the company will not pay y0u for the second week – they will lay you off instead so you can collect EI & IMP or SUB.  Too many people only have enough hours for 1 or 2 days in the second week and you cannot collect EI/IMP/SUB for the other 3 days.  This will allow you to collect a full week of EI &IMP/SUB.

They will then float your hours for you to book – if you emailed your supervisor specifically that you are leaving the country they will leave those hours as vacation for both weeks as you cannot leave the country on EI, (it will be a combination of paid and not paid hours).


Repair Campaign

Those members canvassed for the repair campaign in assembly the final 2 weeks of July, (only options were to work or take vacation), many people chose to take vacation.  You will be paid out vacation up to 80 hours for those 2 weeks.  If you only had 50 hours, you will be paid 50 over the two weeks.   Some of you will be short as you did not have 80 hours of paid vacation time – you cannot collect EI/IMP or SUB during those two weeks if you were canvassed as work was available.