Due to the Battery Plant, we had to realign the zones.

Elections will be coming up this May/June and everyone should know what the zones now look like and the various representatives for each zone.

The plant is now split into 3 zones, North, Central and South.

With C shift no longer in the mix in the main plant we will be losing 2 reps, C shift central and north.

North – Welding, paint, all material handling main plant  (total 148 members)

Central – Framing, chassis, trim (total 169 members)

South – Battery, QC, repair, pilot & subs including tire sub (total 161 members)



A – Bob Pulham: 519-788-8812

B – Rob Corbett: 519-608-3844    

C – Ron Zavitz: 519 -608-3726 


A – Nathan Dunn: 519-550-5011    

B – Mark Gee: 519-532-2615   

C – Amber Clarke:  519-520-4988   


A – Spencer O’Brien:  519-521-8720

B – Ryan Roberts:  519-536-3063

C – Mario Difelice:  519-608-3773