We are going to update daily what is going on in the plant in terms of the current staffing situation. We will try to answer questions and give out information that you may find interesting.

The Battery Plant jobs have now all been finalized. There were 153 total postings, with one posted in error – that job will be reposted in the next round of postings. It had huge ripple effects to try and change that one job, so we will repost it.

Where did people post from that went to the Battery Plant:

QC – 15
Welding – 56
Paint – 6
Assembly – 35
Materials – 40

Right now the departments and the reps are working on reducing C shift. Phone calls are being made NOW to various members affected by the reductions. If a person from C shift does not answer their phone we are resorting back to their original pick on A or B shift that they made at the Union Hall when we picked  the Brightdrop jobs. We are calling first, and people have been answering their phones. If you are going south or will be, call your rep if you believe you could be in line for a job canvas.

All departments are being done the exact same and all are on the same timeframe – so each department will be done prior to us moving to the next step – job postings.
When the reductions are done we will post complete organizational charts of every department and shift.