Members have until December 1 to book your current vacation hours. We have many, many members with over 32 hours of paid vacation time that is still not booked.
For example, in the Material Handling Department alone, we have 85 members who have 32 hours or greater of paid vacation time that is not yet scheduled. Some members have 6 weeks yet to book, and over 23 members have over 100 hours of unpaid vacation time remaining. That is just in Material Handling.
Paid vacation 32 hours or greater, that is not scheduled by December 1 will be scheduled by the company into January and February layoff weeks as vacation must be used up in the current vacation year and it cannot all be carried in April, May and June when the majority of those weeks are already full.

Please contact your respective Vacation Scheduler to get your vacation time booked prior to December 1 2023.

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