Vacation Booking


As stated in previous memo’s the vacation calendar is getting close to being fully booked from March to June. We still have many members with greater than 32 hours of vacation remaining to be scheduled.
This notice is for 32 vacation hours or greater that are not scheduled.

The company is going to cease accepting vacation bookings starting December 1. Any outstanding vacation of 32 hours or greater will then be scheduled on mass by the company. These weeks will likely be centered around the January/February time frame during the layoffs, where vacation allotments are not restricted.

A list will be provided in December/January showing who has vacation forced into which down weeks so that your EI reporting is not an issue.
As of Monday Nov 27 there are still these numbers of members with 32 hours or greater still to book.

270 in Assembly
44 in Welding
11 in Paint
24 in Quality
35 in GSC (materials)

The deadline for booking is DECEMBER 1ST NO EXCEPTIONS
Please contact the department in which you work, contact information is provided below
Assembly –
Welding –
Paint –
Materials –
Quality –