We have been successful in negotiating temporary opportunities for our members to be preferentially hired to Woodstock for 2023

The deadline to apply will be Monday, December 19th at 3pm
The method to apply for this option is on the Cami Facebook and also available at the following link;
Hourly Production Woodstock Transfer Option in 2023 (qualtrics.com)

  • Due to pension issues you must have a DC pension plan (9 years of seniority or less) in order to transfer to Woodstock.
  • You carry your wages, benefits and pension will continue the same as if you were working at CAMI.
  • you must remain in Woodstock until recalled to CAMI or 12 months, whichever comes first
  • You do not have posting rights, you will be assigned a job at Woodstock’s discretion
  • to be aware, there is no summer shutdown at Woodstock, they work right through the summer
  • your vacation time will go with you, however you will book any vacation through Woodstock through their available openings
  • Woodstock will be bringing in 2 per week starting January 9 – up to 10 people are needed

Here are the details of working at Woodstock as supplied by their plant chair, Craig Warnock:

  • straight afternoon shifts only
  • 8.5 hour shifts – half hour unpaid lunch
  • All employees start as a warehouse attendant.  This involves walk picking auto parts for dealerships across Canada and the United States along with several warehouse distributors. These parts range from a sensor to a rotor and everything in between.  Depending on the need, some employees may get the opportunity to be trained on one or all of the 5 vehicles used in the Woodstock PDC.  (Forklift, Reach Truck, Small Selector, Large selector, Center Rider).
  • 5% afternoon shift premium