Working Options Until Start of Second Shift and School Option

Any person wishing to change their current work status must notify the Union by May 31.   There is no agreement at this time with the company as each week we are getting more and more requests and simply cannot keep up with the staffing request changes.  The company has agreed to look at a final list on June 1 and decide then on final moves.

If you add your name to this list and it is approved that decision will be final.

You must contact a Union rep or come to the Union office and see us with your request.

There are no guarantees that any or all requests will be approved.

This is not a canvas to work fulltime.  If more fulltime people are needed we will be reaching out by seniority.

Also, if you are interested in taking an unpaid LOA to attend school until December 31, 2023 please also inform a Union rep.