To: All Active Local 88 Members of GM Cami Unit 1

In December GM reached out to the Local leadership and asked us to enter into early bargaining talks. Our Master Bargaining committee met for a few days in December and agreed to enter negotiations with a goal to try and secure major investment.

The Master Bargaining committee has been meeting with the company over the Christmas break to work towards a tentative agreement. Meetings will continue until an agreement is reached or we are unsuccessful by the tentative date.

We are currently working with Simply Voting to hold a tentative ratification meeting via Zoom video. Voting will be done electronically on Sunday January 17, 2021.

We are aware that many members of our local may be off work in January. We are asking for our members to reach out to any friends/co-workers that are currently off and help us to inform every active Local 88 member of GM Cami of this news.

The meeting on January 17th, will be available to all active Local 88 members of GM Cami only. Local 88 retirees are not eligible to vote at a ratification meeting.

All active members need to register on our website to take part in the ratification meeting and vote.

Click on the banner at the top of our website homepage to register to vote and receive bargaining updates as well as your Zoom ratification meeting invitation email. This information will be provided at a later time.

The emails submitted in the voting registration will be used for further bargaining communication as well as for the invite to the zoom video information/ratification meeting taking place on Sunday, January 17, 2021.

Following the presentation and prior to the vote, there will be a live interactive question and answer period to answer any questions.

Please use the information below to register. Voting will be done online only so it is crucial that all active Local 88 members sign up as soon as possible.

Also, please take the time to fill out the contract proposal sheets. Your voice is important in this.

Additional information will be available soon.

Any issues with sign up please email

We appreciate your diligence in helping us get this implemented as quickly as possible.

In Solidarity,

Your Master Bargaining Committee





Unifor Local 88 President Joe Graves