Author: Allan Fisher

The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, May 17

From National. Unifor calls to End the Ban The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, May 17, is an annual reminder that although progress that has been made, there is further to go. Unifor joins the international call for action to address the inequality that too many, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people in our workplaces and communities face. Unifor encour...

Local 88 Triennial Runoff Election Results 2018

Here are the Runoff election results 18 RUN-OFF results

Amber Alert for Ontario – Update

Amber Alert for Ontario Updated 1:06 pm – child found safe

Canadian Association of Labour Media Awards

For those that are not aware Local 88 is a member of the Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM). Once a year the association holds an awards night to honour excellence in the print, broadcast, online and graphics arts for material produced in the previous year from all across Canada. Tonight, Friday May 11, 2018, the ceremony is being held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Local 88 has won 3 Awards! B...

Communications from GM-CAMI Assembly

GM-CAMI Assembly has contacted us and asked if we could share some info with our members in order to reach a wider audience.  

Local 88 Triennial Election Results 2018

Here are the results. I will post images here shortly but I’ll put the PDF up to get them out quickly. Election results

Thursday Jersey Day April 12/18

Thursday Jersey Day April 12/18 GM Cami Assembly Plant A show of support for the Humboldt Broncos who lost too many members in an horrific crash heading to a hockey game. This is for the fallen as well as the survivors and their families. #jerseyday #Humboldtbroncos Have a look at the Pics on Flickr

Chili Cook off Cancelled

Please note the Chili cook off has been cancelled. Any questions please Contact Julie Fenn. (Info on poster)

Changes to Facebook and how they affect us

We have/had an autoposting system set up on this website to automatically post anything from the news section of this website over to our Facebook group. Now with the newly reported security concerns at FB they have decided to pull that ability along with many others, including our FB members area login, away from groups, pages, and most third party apps until these concerns can be dealt with. Unt...

App sign up info

with the launch of our app today we have been swamped with requests to join the members area. Everyone needs to be vetted individually so please be patient. We will get to everyone ASAP. We forgot to mention a couple of things in our launching post. 1) to receive members area notifications you need to stay logged in to the app (just like your FB one)  it needs to be able to target your personal no...

Beta testing our new app

First off have a happy and safe Easter Weekend. Second, we will be testing our app this weekend and we’ve noticed that some have already updated to this newest version. We apologize for the number of Test notifications you may receive. You can turn off notifications for the weekend if you like under the alerts button in the bottom right of the screen. Were almost there! Thanks.

New App Update

We have been charging ahead with the new app build and things are moving quickly. Graphics are approved and ready to go. The technical bit is well underway. iOS users: If you already have our Unifor Local88 app we will be able to make this entirely new app appear as an update on your device. No need for you to do anything but update the app when it’s ready! Android users: Unfortunately we will not...

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